Why Sundasport?

Aside from the fact that it’s a local business – #ShopSmall #ShopLocal I was born with a non-congenital bone defect (and apparently my grandmother’s feet 🙄) so a lot of the times with [...]

End of the Year Sale – it’s Here!

People can be hard to shop for. You want to give gifts that people will use & enjoy, but sometimes gifts just get put back into the boxes they came in and don’t surface again for a while. [...]

Importance of a Massage After Moving

Moving is stressful. For many people, the stress starts when they start packing up their belongings to stage and show their home. Then, finding a new home while attempting to sell the old one, [...]

Announcing our new location!

We’re so thrilled to announce our new location in Center City! We even have a new location celebration sale going on! We’re at 1500 Chestnut St. In the beautifully maintained Ellington [...]

Massage Oils to combat Allergies

Allergies got you bad? Me too! Coughing, sneezing, stuffy and runny nose, the works! No worries, our soothing aromatherapy scents and massage oils are the remedy for you to breathe deeply once [...]

Reiki FAQs and an Interview with Jamie

I recently helped out a UPenn graduate student for their Alternative Medicine Research Project. They asked me a number of questions regarding my Reiki healing therapies and my training. I thought [...]

The power of Celebration

It is my birthday MONTH!!!!  I’m a firm believer in CELEBRATING! The big things & little things..and I don’t believe you should only celebrate your life one day a year. Life was [...]

What is a “Custom Massage”?

No two massages are the same. Especially in our practice. We customize each session to the individual needs of our clients within our modalities list. Depending on each client’s requests, [...]